Residual Retreats Vendor Opportunities

May 13–15, 2022

There are many smart reasons you should showcase your company at the Inaugural Residual Retreats Conference.

The #1 reason is that you are marketing to a dual audience. Not only do you showcase your product or service to hundreds of potential customers, but those customers are also business owners whose sole purpose is to sell your business products and services!

Essentially, you are selling your services and building a sales team at the same time!

The benefits of this event extend even beyond this incredible opportunity. Here are a few other reasons to be an exhibitor at the Inaugural Residual Retreats Conference.


Build Your Brand Awareness

Does your business need more brand awareness? All businesses do. If your target audience is business owners whose business is to sell your product, look no further. You’ll receive the following:

  • Company signage
  • On-stage mention
  • Table displays
  • Free marketing consulting to make your presence stand out
  • Free guest speaking opportunity on Dave and Patricia’s new podcast, “For the Love of Money!”

Meet Potential Customers

Your target customers are there standing by, getting ready to sell your services along with Residual Payments. You’ll receive the following:


  • Attendee list prior to the conference
  • Email template to help you market your services after the event.
  • Ability to schedule 1:1 meeting time during the event

Get Some Digital Clout

Posting about events before, during, and after is one of the easiest ways to build social media engagement and drive traffic to your website. You position yourself as a playmaker within your industry. You’ll receive the following:
  • Designed tiles to market your company at the event on social media.
  • Tags and mentions on the Residual Payments social media channels
  • Your logo on the Residual Payments website
  • Backlink to your website

Build Your Network … and Sales Team

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to network to your ideal audience: business owners who are looking to sell your product or service!

  • Enjoy networking opportunities for Exhibitors
  • Interact in-person with over 250 business owners and their teams who need your services and/or products
  • Connect with celebrity speakers and business consultants who will also need your services and/or products
  • Share your success story with all in attendance, and listen to other successful leaders on how they built their companies
  • Identify and network with business owners who are best suited to sell your product or service.

Marketing and Business Assets for speakers

  • In-person, full sales funnel consulting with residual payments during and after the event
  • Raw video of your presentation from the event
  • Two edited video ads about your business
  • A guest feature slot on the Residual Payments Podcast
  • An abundance of social media content to boost your following

Attendance Prerequisites

  • All participating vendors must pay exhibitor fees prior to attending the event.
  • All participating vendors commit to mentioning a working partnership with Residual Payments through their social media channels. This will be reciprocated.


Single Ticket

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Digital Payments Revolution Full Training


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May 13–14, 2022

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